abstract class \mpf\interfaces\AutoLoaderInterface

abstract class \mpf\interfaces\AutoLoaderInterface

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Available since version  0.1
Source Code https://github.com/mpf-soft/mpf/tree/master/interfaces/AutoLoaderInterface.php

Used to implement most used methods to autoload a new class;

@author Mirel Nicu Mitache mirel.mitache@gmail.com @package MPF Framework @link http://www.mpfframework.com @category core package @version 1.0 @since MPF Framework Version 1 @copyright Copyright © 2011 Mirel Mitache @license http://www.mpfframework.com/licence

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public abstract string path (string $name)

  • $name

    Name of class + namespace;

This method will the path for a class name. Will return the partial path from libs folder;

public abstract string load (string $name)

  • $name

    Name of class + namespace;

Will include file required for class name;

public abstract static \mpf\interfaces\AutoLoaderInterface get (string[] $config = [])

  • $config

    -no description found-

Add option to select it from everywhere. If config it's set then it will create a new instance with the selected configuration;

public abstract static \mpf\interfaces\AutoLoaderInterface getLastRegistered ()

Return last registered autoloader object

public abstract mixed register ()

Register this instance as a autoloader;