Download the Framework

I. Create a new project using Composer (recommended)

1. Install composer

As the title says, this is the recommended way to install MPF Framework and to create a new project. It creates an easy way to keep up to date with future framework versions(with the possibility to limit the a preferred version for certain components) and also to sync data to all servers where the project is present. In order for this to work you must first install composer. You can read more about it here. The fastest way to install it is to run the following command:

curl -sS | php
sudo mv composer.phar /usr/bin/composer

The second command is optional, if you're using linux then you can copy the composer.phar file to /usr/bin so that you can execute it from any location.

2. Create project

In order to create a new project all you have to do is run a simple command that creates a new project from a basic template. MPF offers a basic template for a project but you can create at any time a template that is maybe ready for your general projects. In cat case all you have to do is change the name of the template to load (instead of mpf-soft/app-basic you can use your own package).

composer create-project mpf-soft/app-basic folderName dev-master

In the example above "dev-master" represents the version of the project template. For now only dev-master is available.

In case you're using your own version of the project that has a private repository you can clone that repository and then run composer update command to install the framework and all packages. You can also run this command every time you want to update any of the composer components.

git clone ""
composer update

Again, you can read more about composer and how to create a composer package here and here.

II. Clone GitHub Repository

Another method, if you don't want to use the composer, but you still want to easily get the latest updates from MPF when they are released, is to clone the repository from github.

git clone ""

If you want to use the default base project offered by us you can also clone this two packages:

git clone ""
git clone ""

I will update this soon on how to use MPF without composer!

III. Download the framework sources as an archive file

Github offers the possibility to download the package without having to install git. This way when any updates are done you will have to manually re-download the archive and replace the old files.

You can download from this links:


Basic Admin Widgets:

Basic Project:

As above, I will update this soon on how to use MPF without composer!